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A collection of static, performative, and participatory drawings by Gabi Nazareno from selected exhibitions.


This is a master compilation of my third series of draw-erase drawings*, which I presented at VIVA Excon's, "Kalibutan: The World In Mind". With areas of human convergence (that I've frequented during the pandemic) as the subject, I drew and erased my drawings, as a nod to Richard Galpin's concept of the perverse palimpsest.


In my previous show ("Where Are We?" at the NCCA gallery) I'd invited actual strangers to destroy my work through erasure. Since Covid-19 has made it unsafe to explore this concept, I introduced "The Stranger" wearing a blindfold, as the element of destruction for my current work.


The final work was exhibited at Orange gallery, Bacolod, and at Art Fair Philippines. To view all the process videos for this draw-erase drawing series, check out my Youtube channel by clicking the button below.

* term from the departed Prof. Leo Abaya's curatorial notes for my solo show on Alzheimer's Disease, "Where Are We?" at the NCCA Gallery back in 2020