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Works From Selected Group Exhibitions

2019: Text

Forgive me, Father

My work for the "Sugid" exhibit (of Boholano artists), curated by Leo Abaya, at the National Commission for Culture and Arts  gallery. The work is inspired by the tales of how churches were built here in the Philippines. Nopvember 2019.

"Forgive Me, Father"
"Forgive Me, Father"
"Forgive Me, Father"
"Forgive Me, Father"
2019: Photo Gallery

Wake Up

Acrylic and Graphite on 12" round canvas. A triptych I made for the group show "Minuteness of Anatomy" exhibited at Mono8 gallery. October 2019.

Wake Up1.jpg
Wake Up2.jpg
Wake Up3.jpg
2019: Photo Gallery

Haiku after Leon Pacunayen

"'Neath Unconcerned Sky"

"Unending Undulation"

"Rooted and Reaching"

Three works for "Living Earth: Contemporary Philippine Art" curated by Patrick D. Flores for Pinto International. May 2019 at MAC (MusicaArteCultura) Piazza Tito Lucrezio Caro, Milan, Italy.

'Neath Unconcerned Sky
Unending Undulation
Rooted and Reaching
2019: Photo Gallery
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