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Works From Selected Group Exhibitions

2018: Text

Into Place | Blurring Binaries | Lull & Presage

Three works exhibited at the Mind Set Art Center in Taipei, Taiwan for the show "Casting Stones Into Still Water" curated by Patrick D. Flores. October 2018.

"Into Place". 2018.
"Blurring Binaries" Table top installation. (Top view). 2018.
"Into Place" (2018), "Blurring Binaries" (2018) & "Lull & Presage" (2017)
2018: Photo Gallery

Random Extremities

(L-R) "8818" for "Going Once, Going Twice";

"Interwoven Yearnings" for "Bohol-Buhol 7";

"In Longing Memory" for "Sa Sabakan Sa Gugma";

"1180622508" for "Odds"; "Kuya Emi" for AITP;

"Boatman#1" for "Anything But Another New Year's Resolution".

"Interwoven Yearnings"
"In Longing Memory"
"Kuya Emi"
"Boatman #1"
2018: Photo Gallery

Morbid Futility A Cold Dead Place

48" x 36" . Graphite on Canvas. Exhibited at Vetro Gallery, for the show "Hollow Rescue". August 13 - September 8, 2018.

Morbid Futility
A Cold Dead Place (Triptych)
2018: Photo Gallery
The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place (1/3)
The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place (2/3)
The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place (3/3)
2018: Photo Gallery

Inherited Shade | Afternoons with an Angler

96" x 48". Graphite on Canvas. Exhibited at the 3rd floor of Island City Mall, for "BAHANDI: Philippine Visual Arts Festival - Bohol 2018" exhibit. July 23 - 26, 2018. 

IGPVAF 1.jpg
2018: Photo Gallery

Tetrapharmakos: 2nd Maxim

Exhibited at the Vinyl on Vinyl Gallery, the work is part of the three-woman exhibit, "Close Quarters", with Gale Encarnacion and Gab Ferrer. Click on an image to view it separately. April 19 - May 16, 2018.

Tetrapharmakos, 2nd Maxim (part 1) - Gab
Tetrapharmakos, 2nd Maxim (part 2) - Gabby Nazareno.JPG
Tetrapharmakos, 2nd Maxim (part 3) - Gab
2018: Photo Gallery
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